A Little Chatter Wednesday

At the beginning of the month I wrote A Little Chatter Wednesday and here I am almost a month later writing another one. I guess I don't have any major news to share but I just renewed my subscription to Squarespace for the next year and I wanted to write on here! I had scheduled the second part of my sketchbook review to go up but I thought I would do a little catch-up instead. I'm not going to lie, June has been pretty chill, and I have been absolutely loving it. We finished up the end of the school year and it was also the end of my first school year at this school! I've enjoyed my time here a lot since I joined back in September. The people are lovely and the school is beautiful. I'm very blessed to have the job I have. I remember a year ago I was sitting in my apartment worried about the path I was going to take next after leaving my previous school. It truly is amazing how much difference a year makes. Summer days at the school have been lovely. I'm thankful for the stable air conditioning I get to experience <3 I'm learning new things and making time for my own work as well as the work I need to do. I feel the temptation to slip into the bliss of just doing nothing over the summer but I am fighting it! I've been divulging in trashy reality tv when I get home, making dinner, cleaning and walking the pup.

Speaking of the pup, he's doing well. Josh and I can't pin down if he likes the summer weather or despises it. Sometimes when we go outside he stands there for a minute and then turns right around and wants to go back inside. Sometimes he sprints out the door and rolls around in the grass and wants to go on a long walk. Sometimes halfway through the long walk he turns around and wants to go back home. Sometimes he just sits in the grass and looks lost. And sometimes he lays in the grass on a sunny spot and closes his eyes. I love seeing his reactions and am so tempted to sit next to him when he lays down but then I remember how many dogs we have in our development and think about how nasty the grass actually is and change my mind. He has a vet appointment this Friday and we love our vet. If you have a Banfield in your area and are debating whether to use them as your primary vet, I can't talk them up enough. Every time we go they throw a little party for him and shower him with love. I'm a proud mama.

I have been making time to catch up on my Fauxbonichi and journaling. Writing an entry a day has been proving to be challenging for me lately. It takes up a good amount of time and I've found myself wanting to draw more instead. This is a good thing!! I do love journaling but I've been making drawing more of a priority for myself lately. It helps having a lot of my supplies on the go with me so whenever I feel like doing one or the other I have anything I need right in front of me. 

One of the things I'm most proud of so far is my progress with my art. Not just in terms of skill but in terms of regularity. I feel like I've been clinging on to the fact that I draw and am an artist for the past couple of years, which has always made me very sad. I was not drawing more often than I was and that was a huge change for me. My teenage years were defined by my art and the amount of time and effort I put into my work. My early twenties have been eventful in terms of life events so my work kind of got pushed to the back of my mind. I feel like things are settling into a nice place for me and I'm getting back into my groove. I like experimenting and trying new things with both style and materials. I'm diving back into doing what I really love and it's a wonderful feeling.

I haven't seen this much change and definition in my style since I was 15. I stay in a place where I feel confident but also dive into unknown waters when I want to try new things. Because of that I feel like my style is actually evolving and not staying stagnant like I feel it has over the past few years. I'm finding inspiration in things I used to and I'm learning something new every day that I can use. I'm very happy ;-;

Overall, things have been pretty wonderful. We're waiting on a few things before announcing something pretty exciting. All our energy has been poured into that and so far so good! I hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far!

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm1917 Review and Comparison

I’m an avid lover of sketchbooks. I love trying them out and seeing what I can do with them in terms of supplies I can use with them without destroying pages. I’ve been trying out different types of sketchbooks for years and I’ve always wanted to write about them, so I’m finally making some time to do that!

I was going to make this one big post including a few different types of sketchbooks I keep coming back to but there was too much material to put into one post, so I decided to focus on these notebooks for now. I have not tried out the Leuchtturm1917 Sketchbook, just the notebook. I’ve used both the sketchbook and notebook versions for Moleskine so they will be featured here as well! 

First off I want to talk about size. Both types of notebooks come in a variety of sizes but I was trying out using a more mobile notebook which I could take with me in my purse and take out whenever I wanted to draw. Pictured here is the paperback Large Moleskine notebook and the Medium Hardcover Leuchtturm notebook. The reason I use the notebook versions is because I like having more pages. The sketchbook versions, though they have sturdier and thicker pages, there are fewer of them. They both have the elastic band around them to keep them closed. I wish they still made the hardcover version of the extra large notebook for Moleskine because i love the sturdy feel of it, but I can’t find them anymore!

The quality of the pages for the notebooks are both pretty good, but I love the feel of the Leuchtturm more because it just feels more luxurious~ The pages are all numbered and it has two bookmarks in comparison to just the one for Moleskine notebooks. 

I wanted to make my Leuchtturm more of a ~colored~ sketchbook and create more complete pieces to try and get used to it. At first this worked out great because I was just using Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Though they worked pretty well, I did notice that it smudged a lot with the pen I usually use to ink that hasn't smudged before, which I found odd. I started using Copics and water based markers and the leakage to the other pages was just extreme. To be fair, it’s very hard to find any paper that won’t let Copics bleed through, but I learned the hard way that any pencil sketches on the other side of the pages would pretty much be ruined. I had to sketch very lightly on my pages because they would create marks on the pages underneath them which is something that I found the Moleskine pages don’t do as much. I started using the pencil board that I ordered with my Hobonichi and that helped.

I’ve been using a Moleskine notebook as my main sketchbook ever since I found Myrollingstar on Tumblr years ago and saw that’s what she used. I learned to sketch better with pens and actively use more tools with my sketches in this notebook. I’ve found that the paper holds up pretty well compared to the Leuchtturm notebook. Now, I’m using the extra-large notebook here but you can see the size is pretty similar to the Leuchtturm. I love having that extra space, but I wouldn’t call this a purse-friendly sketchbook. It’s not as large as 8.5x11 but it isn’t exactly a convenient size to carry around like the Leuchtturm. I’ve made my peace with this mostly because of how I feel when I sketch with it. I brought this sketchbook with me to work every day to try and squeeze in some sketching when I could and it is awesome for a work or school bag. I found that it doesn’t get lost as easily and it does feel very nice to sketch in.

Colors work really well with this notebook. I’ve used Copics and water based markers combined with watercolor and I’ve found some minimal bleeding. It’s definitely not as bad as it was with the Leuchtturm. I’m guilty of a lot of layering with color on my pages so I need something that can take a beating and my Moleskine definitely does that. I found that the pages in the Leuchtturm started to peel and come off when I applied a second layer or when I erased pencil marks while inking. In the end it wasn’t so much the size but the paper quality that got me to stick with the Moleskine notebook as a main sketchbook. I do occasionally use the Leuchtturm as a “pencil sketch only” sketchbook, but not as often anymore.


The Moleskine sketchbook, on the other hand, yielded some unexpected results with me. Though the pages are sturdier to draw on, they fall apart quite easily. They fall away from the binding and with two of my sketchbooks a lot of the pages are held in there by the elastic around the notebook. Also despite the thickness of the pages, the colors bled through quite a lot! I found that I had a lot of wasted pages in my Moleskine sketchbooks and I hated it! It already didn’t come with many pages and the colors were making it hard to get much of any pencil sketches. Drawing with Copics in it was nice and the colors came out very vibrant, which I loved, but the wasted pages just turned me off from it. 


Out of the three books I mentioned here, my favorite is definitely the Moleskine Notebook in Extra Large. I love the space, the paper quality and the feel of the notebook. I was very inspired to continue sketching in it and try out new things without worrying about destroying too many pages in the book. I actually have a brand new one sitting in my book shelf that I have waiting for me when I finish the one I’m currently on!

I hope this helped some of you in terms of figuring out which sketchbook is the right one for you! Though I love the Moleskine Notebook, it is not the sketchbook I reach for the most, lately. I look forward to covering that in a future entry!


This is my first digital piece in years! Like, one that I was trying really hard on. The type where I zone out until it's finished. I had to do this one completely in Adobe Photoshop so no Sai :( I haven't done a picture like that in a really long time!

So the past couple of days have been really busy. I've been working hard on some personal stuff and to keep my mind off of everything I wanted to focus on my art and where I want it to go. I love updating on here and I love being a blogger, but as I say in my description, I consider myself an Illustrator above everything else. I want to get back into drawing regularly and these past couple of weeks I've actually been doing that! I decided to get a tumblr and a new deviantART account. I wanted to start new instead of going back to previous accounts because I want this to be the start of my art career. I did add some older art in the account that I'm very proud of but I want to aim to have as many original pieces as I can! It was really lovely being able to go through my older works and see the work I did back then. I might try my hand at a "redraw this" meme over the summer! Everything in life has been going really well and I'm finally getting a feel for what I have time for and what I want to make time for. My art is very important for me! And I want to see how far I can take it. Please visit me on there! I will still be updating my blog, of course, but I will also try to be active on these other sites as well. Here is a list of where I am, I'll also be updating this on my About Me page this summer!

Tumblr | DeviantART | FurAffinity | Twitter | Instagram

I've also finally added my Sketchbook 2016 tab on here ./////. Honestly it's not that I haven't been sketching or drawing, I just haven't been uploading anything besides sneak peaks on my Instagram! I've gotten a system organized so I can finally fill up that tab with a lot of what I've been working on! I have a few entries lined up that I'm excited to update with on here with. Summer has started and work is (hopefully) going to be slowing down a bit so I can have more time for my art. My husband and I are in the middle of a ~process~ right now that I'll update with when everything is official. That's eating up a lot of my time, but it's been getting me back in my art game so I'm very happy about that! I look forward to how everything is going to go! Thank you for sticking with me this long, please continue to do so!

Asteria by Cherriuki Artbook

I've been following Cherri's work for years. I make note of when she has items releasing because I'm such a huge fan of her work. She's not only an amazing artist, she's also very sweet. In my experience, a lot of bigger artists are prone to not being as nice and don't reply or acknowledge a message sent to them, but Cherri has been sweet from the very first day I saw her work <3 That's not to say all artists with big followings are like this, but I've encountered more than a few. When I saw that Cherri was coming out with her second artbook compiling her original works, I was so excited to get my hands on it! Here are some details from her Storenvy:

- A4 size (Approx. 8" x 11") 
- 34 pages / Full color
- Perfect binding & pearlescent soft cover
- Signed and comes with an exclusive art print of the cover image. (Limited stock)

When Cherri releases a new book she always offers goodies to the first few who order and I've been lucky enough to always get them! She includes a little note of thanks in every order as well <3

I love the fanart she does, but my favorite kind of pieces she does is definitely her original work. She has this attention to detail that really comes out in her work. She also has this ethereal style that's mixed with every day life that I love looking at. The paper quality is luxurious and sturdy.

The packaging the order comes in is so lovely as well! She included a doodle on my envelope that I'm going to cut and paste in my Fauxbonichi <3 Overall I think this book along with all the others she has come out with are an essential addition to an art book collection. She has a special going on in her Storenvy right now for a two book bundle with her first compilation of original works over here! Both her traditional and digital work is stunning, she has been an inspiration of mine for years and I think you'll love her work, too!

Buy Asteria

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